Monday, August 8, 2011

Saying Something

So much depends on the weather so I am crediting the weather for a sea change, a shift, a focus on the new or re-exploration of things forgotten. In my trail rides on Blue I've reaffirmed something I've known all along which is a love for land. We ride up into the Chickies woods, up over rock trails, stepping high over logs, the understory light and dappled, sometimes hot and buggy, gaining speed without breaking gait up to the top of the hill then down the other side and out of the woods, the corn spread out, rows of tassles. Everything comes from the ground or the sky. They mirror each other at different times. It's us in the layer in between. The fragile crust. Without people there would still be earth and sky, beautiful, but without the reflection of God's love.
Farm with Corn, Tobacco and Soybeans on Sleepy Hollow Rd.