Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Donegal Presbyterian Church

Eugene Clark has a pretty stylish, 1871 marker.

So does Harriet Clark with her beautiful three dimensional rose.

The Donegal Presbyterian Church from across the street.

The one room school house down the road.

My favorite marker. Thomas Jamison, 1732.

War of 1812 marker erected by the Natl Society of the U.S. Daughters of 1812.

First church 1721. This church 1740.

Another example of interesting iconography: skull, hourglass, laurels, and crossed swords. Fittingly, Joseph Litle also sports a Revolutionary War marker.

Our Mother.

The Clarks all together.

Stopped to shoot a few pictures at the Donegal Presbyterian Church on Donegal Springs Road, Mt. Joy, PA, also known to locals as the Witness Tree Church. The cemetery is full of symbology like this crown, angel and laurel branches.

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  1. There is something special about entering a graveyard...When I was in Africa in school if we traveled by a grave hard all of the boys would stop talking...take their hats off and have a moment of silence...it must be the history that impacts me. I like reading the eulogies it makes me think of those times and what the people were like. These stones have so much character...it seems like we are missing that these days.