Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stories Large and Small

I'm a sucker for stories. Stories in songs. Stories in books. In movies. In pictures. I like thinking about them and turning them through the lenses of my own mind and then seeing what comes out. The result is unique. In the creative process you think about these pictures and stories and images and sentences and when you come up with something good you know it. It fits as if it was meant to be. But it wasn't there just a minute before.

I like what I don't see too. The unseen, noticed. The tiny silos distant. The train bridge you didn't realize was there. The tiny fresh water clam shells as big as your fingernail, underfoot, along the river bank. Everthing has a story, even the forgotten corners. I like giving them an opportunity to show what they're made of.

The same is true of people, portraits, although I am still learning this. The composition, the frame, the light are one thing, the person revealed in the frame is another - locked into the eyes of the one behind the viewfinder.

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