Monday, August 8, 2011

Saying Something

So much depends on the weather so I am crediting the weather for a sea change, a shift, a focus on the new or re-exploration of things forgotten. In my trail rides on Blue I've reaffirmed something I've known all along which is a love for land. We ride up into the Chickies woods, up over rock trails, stepping high over logs, the understory light and dappled, sometimes hot and buggy, gaining speed without breaking gait up to the top of the hill then down the other side and out of the woods, the corn spread out, rows of tassles. Everything comes from the ground or the sky. They mirror each other at different times. It's us in the layer in between. The fragile crust. Without people there would still be earth and sky, beautiful, but without the reflection of God's love.
Farm with Corn, Tobacco and Soybeans on Sleepy Hollow Rd.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Summer

Summer is at the height of its glory. The skies are darker in the morning, a fading purple dawn about five thirty. A fog comes up from the ground and lays on the corn and the tobacco plants, a line of cows coming through a pasture following the leader their hooves falling ghostly. We need water, but everywhere around the plants and flowers are a reminding pleasure. Thank you to everyone who reminds me what good meaningful things are. The rest will simply blow away.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Snapshots - Berks County

After being drenched with rain for weeks and then smote by heat, we finally caught a glimpse of gorgeous spring weather. My husband and I went to a sporting clays event in the Lehigh Valley so we spent a good bit of time driving through Berks County. I took the opportunity to try out some of the new Hipstamatic film and lenses.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Greenhouses Galore Lancaster County, PA

I love searching the backways, highways, the nooks and crannies of the county for new greenhouses. Along the way I've come across wonderfully nice people, free whoopie pies and coffee, sweet old farm dogs who love to greet, great bargains (who can pass up antique stores along the way?), free advice, chats with fellow gardeners, etc. all against the beautiful backdrop of Lancaster County, which is most special to me. In case you enjoy checking out new sources for plants and all things gardening too, here is a (partial) list I've come up with greenhouses in Lancaster Co. I've been to quite a few, but not all. Check back, because this list will grow.

Most of these are open only from Spring until about the Fourth of July, but some longer. Most are not open Sundays. I noted the ones I know are open Sundays. You'll have to Google directions. Happy Trails!

Country Meadows Nursery
275 Pool Rd. Ephrata 717-859-2474
Black Creek
211 E. Black Creek Rd. E. Earl, PA  717-445-5046
Brunnervill Greenhouses 
Brunnerville Rd. just north of Newport Rd., Lititz PA
Chapman’s Greenhouses 
440 E. 28th Division Hwy. (Rt. 322) Lititz, PA
Eve’s Garden
3590 Blue Rock Rd. Lancaster, PA
546 E. 28th Division Highway
(Rt. 322), Lititz PA
Flower Wagon
580 W. Lexington Rd. , Lititz, PA
Farmette Gardens
190 Parkview Hts. Rd., Ephrata, PA
170 Cocalico Creek Rd., Ephrata, PA
Frysville Farms
300 Frysville Rd. , Ephrata, PA 717-354-4501
Funk’s Riverview Greenhouses
2277 River Rd. Washington Boro, PA 1 mi. S of 999 717-872-4042
Good Harvest Farms
336 Bunker Hill Rd. Strasburg, PA
Hoover’s Farm Market
30 Erbs Bridge Rd., Lititz PA 717-733-1048
Ken’s Gardens
2467 Old Phila. Pike, Smoketown, PA & 3552 W. Newport Rd., Ronks, PA
Horst’s Greenhouse
1194 E. Earl Rd. E. Earl, PA
Hilltop Greenhouse  
1624 Lancaster Pike (Rt. 272), Quarryville, PA
Hill Farm Greenhouse
50 Rhine 897 Kleinfeltersville, PA
Hillside Acres Nursery
940 Valley Rd. (Rt. 372) Quarryville, PA
Homestead Gardens
Icehouse Hill Rd., Durlach, PA
121 Middle Creek Rd., Lititz PA 717-733-4647
Mt. Joy Greenhouse @ Amos Stoltzfus Farm
956 Eby Chiques Rd. , Mt. Joy
Mountainside Acres
56 Hahnstown Rd., Ephrata, PA
River Road Produce
1835 River Rd.(Rt. 441) between Marietta & Bainbridge, PA    OPEN SUNDAYS
Silver Springs Greenhouse
740 Hempfield Rd., Columbia PA
Stauffers of Kissel Hill (SKH)
1050 Lititz Pike, Lititz, PA (many locations) Open Sundays
Tudbink’s Greenhouses
610 Stone Hill Rd., Conestoga, PA 717-872-2126
Wengers Greenhouses
150 W. Wissler Rd., Lititz PA off Rt. 322  717-733-8658
Witmer’s Greenhouses
71 Greenfield Rd. Lancaster, PA

Monday, April 25, 2011


The air is warm, but the ground is cold and borns a fog from spore droplets.
There are no stars.
The moon is only half and the half is threatened by a pitching, waving verdigris.
Trees in blossom. Petals blowing in the headlights.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Can't Take A Bad Picture

You just can't take a bad picture at Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, PA).  Everywhere you look there is something to see. Time and time again the folks at Longwood make magic. Everyday. They must be busy little bees at night installing, planting, snipping, trimming, hanging, cutting, planting, cleaning, pruning, grafting, harvesting, drawing. Love and dedication. The proof is everywhere.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Beautiful Bovines

Snapped some pictures of these Highland cattle off of Rock Road, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster Co. PA
Don't you just want to pet these shagsters?

Making sure I'm not going to disturb the calf.

Watching out from under those locks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out & About

Out and about this weekend taking some early spring photos. Drew was driving so I could have both hands on the camera for a change. We happened upon the Amish conducting a meeting in the white meeting house on Middle Creek Road,  The heaps of bikes and buggies caught my eye. Of course, the long white sheds are horse sheds.

Characteristically, there are no window treatments on the building.

It was chilly. The horses had their jackets on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shooting, Driving

One of the best places to be is in my car, by myself, driving country roads and shooting photographs along the way. Many of these farms and fields are as familiar to me as breath. I've driven past them my whole life. It pains me when they are sold or any part of them is taken away. Once a piece of land is built-upon or paved over, it never goes back. If you love earth and sky and some measure of peace, then you know how I feel. These are all shot in Lancaster County, PA, generally in the northern and western part of the county and most of them from behind the wheel.
Mt. Joy Road

Mt. Joy Road

Mt. Joy Road

Rock Point Road

Rock Point Road

Off Donegal Spring Rd. near the Sweigart Farm

Off Donegal Springs Road, near the Sweigart Farm
The above shots taken with a Hipstamatic. Olympus pix coming soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Traveling Heart

Spring sends my junking, photographing, gardening, writing little heart aflutter. Out and about this weekend enjoying the fine weather, big old Lancaster County fields and skies and stopping up in Clay, PA for good junk.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road Trip

When spring rolls around, my sister and I get the urge to go somewhere. Sometimes a person just needs to bust out and take to the road. This year's mini-trip is just around the corner, but last year's trip was Newport, Rhode Island. Quaint, old and seaporty. Can you ever get enough of antiques, art and the sea? We can't! Here are some pictures of The Elms, The Breakers, Marble House and Rosecliffe.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Joy of Great Stuff

I love stuff. Old stuff. Junk. Paint peeling rusty falling apart shiny satiny speckled dusty. Whatever. There's no limit to what's cool in Mary's world. The stuff in Anthropologie is always a joy to look at; these glossy pink quartz bookends, for instance.
Or this fabulous chandelier and candle lantern made from iron cast twigs.
Or these paper shades suspended from the ceiling.
Even the mirror reflecting the stairs, shadows and the big pink flower in the window. It's all good.

Witch Hazel - Spring On the Way

Witch Hazel blooming in center city, Philadelphia.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From "Under the Live Oak"

Clouds are stacked in a succession of brooding blue-black banks. Topside, the white film rips and siphons upward into a golden backlight, while below the underbellies are heavy and cold and dark with water. The land beneath is the crude stuff the earth is made of, clay, golden brown, rust red dust and yellow snatches of dirt and mud and rock. The stuff is now furzed with trees, miniature from up high. The trees dip and disappear and reappear as the land rises and dives and between the flat tabletops and valleys one can see how the great landscape was sculpted by engulfing waters and flowing tonnage; boulders with no earthly reason for being. Blue curtains of rain can be seen at intervals where parts of earth and sky are one and where the cloud cover is torn, light shafts of gold pour down like flights of angels.
If a person didn’t know better, they might think my father, with his silver white hair and amber eyes, is creating this scene for his own enjoyment, or mine. He needs a lot of space around him and this is his to command. I photograph him here, on this granite promontory, at this elevation, the grandeur of this land behind him. I pray the Hunted and Hunted will be gentle with him when he enters it.
“This is what the beginning of the world must have looked like,” my father says.
I smile behind the lens, my father locked in the viewfinder. Not everyone loves my father, but I feel sorry for them.

Late Winter Sky

A late winter sky on Donegal Springs Road. Many Canadian geese, snow geese and white tundra swans filled the sky last weekend. At times, the sky was literally filled with their clattering honks.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Terrain

We're right on the cusp of spring. Drew and I put our deck furniture out this weekend. On Saturday night, after dinner at the Bull's Head, it was warm enough for us to sit on the deck, under the tiny white lights and have a nightcap. This morning we woke up to snow. The cusp.
These are pictures of my friend Cindi and the visit we paid to Terrain two springs ago. Gorgeous, inspiring place for lovers of plants and gardens.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late Winter Fields

Shooting some late winter fields between Mt. Joy, PA and Lititz, PA. Playing with my recently purchased Olympus.

Temperance Hill Road